Bicycle Ambulance Donation : Thondoya Village Ntcheu

Thondoya village is located in Ntcheu District just less than an hour drive from the boma.
Like many other villages located far from the main town, the village faces a lot of challenges.

More comfortable transportation

Especially access to the hospital or clinic and also how to carry patients from one place to another comfortably.
Some women in the village have given birth at home or maize filed because the clinic is far away and there is no mode of transportation to take them there comfortable.

On 26th February 2013 team visited Thondoya village and presented bicycle ambulance which Transport4transport donated.

Instructions bicycle ambulance

The chief of the village and elders were invited and blankets were given to the older people in village as well as  instructions how to use the bicycle ambulance.

Few days later after we delivered the ambulance bicycle, the chief of the village became very ill and the ambulance was very helpful carrying his body to nearby clinic where he passed away.

This kind of gesture has never been done in Thondoya village and it was a great previlidge through Bé Van der Weide and his team to make this a possible.

Writing materials

In addition to the bicyle ambulance, children writing materials were also donated as well as clothes from our friends in Austria. Many thanks to the Transport4transportteam

Source: Annie Heidi Virtanen

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